teaching activities
FRANCESCO D'ERRICO pianist and composer born in Naples, Italy.

Professional musician, in addition to concerts and recordings (42 CDs released), he teaches Jazz and Harmony at the Conservatory G.Martucci of Salerno. He also teaches at the Conservatory of Naples (Jazz Piano). Currently he leads two bands under his name: Francesco D'Errico trio and Francesco D'Errico quartet. His latest work is a composition for quintet dedicated to the famous madrigal composer Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the death.
The music of D'Errico has its roots in modern jazz, european music, and contemporary improvisation. The musical research of D'Errico focuses on the border between emotion and linguistic rigour. With this goal in mind D'Errico has explored many different forms of music and musical ensembles performing his music in piano solo or ensembles of different sizes.

Discography as leader:
Lunaria (1989); Tartana (1992); Le Mille e una Notte (1996); Riflessi e Ideati (1997); Av. Of the Americas (2000); Napoletana (2000); Specchio per le Nubi (2003); Cappuccettorosso (2003); Slow food music5 (2006); Slow food music4 (2007); The Gray Goose (2007); Music to Improvise IS jazz Ensemble (2009); A Glance (2011), Waithing for the Queen (2012); And now the Queen! (2012).

Festivals and clubs (selection):
Salzburg Festival; Biennale di Venezia; Jazz in it (Vignola); Ravello Festival; Pomigliano Jazz; Jazz; Prishtina jazz; Le Caveau (Losanna); Tonic (New York); Project Issue Room (New York); Antology Film Archives (New York); Orsara Musica; Marajazz (Maratea); La Casa del jazz (Roma); Villa Celimontana (Roma); Otto jazz club (Napoli); Penguin cafè (Napoli); Lennie Tristano (Aversa).

Artistic collaborations (selection):
A.Rudolph; E.Gomez; B.Moses; B.Tommaso; M.Ribot; N.Winstone; M.Stockausen; F.D. Moye;S.Mateen;C. Lugo; H.Geerken; D.A.Gross; A.Tavolazzi; Ensemble Dissonanzen; E.Fioravanti; F.Sferra; G.Martino; M.De Tilla; M.Sannini; P.Innarella; S.Tranchini;