Slow food 4
Francesco D’Errico Quartet
Francesco D’Errico Trio
Hans Eisler projet
Slow Food Music 4
After Slow food music 5, the CD recorded with a quintet in the summer of 2005 which will be released by the YvP music, D’Errico stays on the same line with music played in quartet (Slow food music 4) and dedicated to the idea that music shall be lived and consumed slowly just as a precious food. Slow food music means exactly that: music as a form of art that involves with immediacy but without superficiality. For this new project the musicians involved are all Neapolitans.

Giulio Martino: saxophones
Francesco D’Errico: piano and Synt
Daniele Esposito: contrabbass
Leonardo De Lorenzo: drums

Essential technical file:

One grand piano
One professional jazz set of drums.
One amplifier for contrabbass,
One amplifying system suited for the place of performance with 4 monitors (separated lines).